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Hello My Name is Chelsey Groves… And I’m a Five-A-Day Drinker

I’m Chelsey and I’m a five-a-day drinker. Or at least I was. I’ve not tasted that bubbly deliciousness in eleven days. The official start of my journey was the 20th, but I had tried giving it up two weeks earlier. Apparently it is unadvisable to quit cold turkey. The school nurse, whom I had to visit out of necessity, actually suggested I have a coke. She even wrote me a pass to for my next class. But as it turned out, after I had one I felt well enough to go to class. Moral: coke makes you feel better. Just kidding. But seriously.

The reason I chose to give up coke, and pretty much every other beverage, save for milk and orange juice (and tea on Sunday of course), is because I feel we, as Americans, have become far too dependent on our luxuries. We’re a terribly wasteful and ungrateful culture. I’m just as guilty. I don’t want to be a part of that anymore. I want to remember and help our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering from a lack of what we have in abundance. Giving up coke may be a small step, but hopefully this will help lead me into a life of simplicity. If in giving up some of our own comfort we can provide for those in need, why don’t we? The things we have don’t last. But what we give does.

I’m sick of doing everything I hate. I hate materialism. Yet I’m materialistic. I hate wasting money. But I do it. I hate procrastinating. Yet I’m a slave to it. I hate addictions. But I’m an addict. I need to change. So this is where I’m starting.


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